Apple Watch Pokies NZ

The Apple brand is one of the most celebrated brands in the world, as everyone knows. So when Apple announces a development in the mobile industry we all sit up and take note. And certainly, the new addition to their exciting collection of mobile devices has created much attention.

A wrist watch, with you whatever you are doing, wherever you are, without the need for pockets or a bag to carry your iPhone in, makes for great convenience. This is probably the main attraction of the wrist watch, together with the high fashion statement this beautiful watch makes. Most people these days in New Zealand own or have access to some form of mobile device, and certainly, everyone knows how to use one. Even children these days are not awed by any form of mobile device! Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades.

Selection of Pokies Casino Apps

One of the next advances for the Apple watch to make, is the step towards playing games on the watch. There was a collection of games compatible with the Apple watch almost immediately it appeared on the market. But casino games, already most of which can be accessed on an iPhone or iPad, are following the trend towards the Apple watch. Together with the incredible collection of apps available for use on the watch, the more you look at its benefits and properties, the more you realise that this is probably the way of the future.

With an Apple watch, you can access your email, check your calendar or the weather or even access maps and music. One of the exciting properties of this little device is the range of health oriented features you can use. You can track your heart rate and your fitness, and you can monitor your daily movements, like walking or exercising. New Zealand society is becoming much more health wise, and this app is becoming one of the most popular features of the Apple watch.

Casino Games on Apple Watch

At first glance, the Apple watch does not seem ideally suited to playing casino games. There is the challenge of the tiny screen, and the fact that games will have to be played single handedly. With  the huge user base that the Apple watch is generating, however, all the big developers of casino games are devoting much time and funds to overcoming these problems. There are already several casino games that have been redesigned for the Apple watch, especially some pokie casino games.  In an Apple watch pokie game, you can keep the reels spinning to see if a jackpot can be won. If you run out of credits you can hit the reset button for a new game. You can keep hitting the spin button while trying to get three symbols in a row.  The bottom of the screen will have a pay table to show you potential winnings.

Play Apple Watch Pokies Today

There are several online sites where you can find these games, and we at can give you a list of online casino sites with the biggest selection of games available for play on the smart watch. All of the sites on our list will be completely safe and secure in regard to your financial transactions, and you will be able to register and open your account using NZ dollars.

An Apple watch has all the functionality of an iPhone, and they are combined with the fashion statement of a beautiful watch as well.