Online NZD Casinos

You may love the thrill of playing at an international online casino, where players who love casinos just as much as you do converge on one virtual gaming destination from all over the world. What you’re probably less excited about is the fact that most international sites only accept a few major currencies like US dollars, Euros, and pounds – and rarely take New Zealand dollars.

Moreover, very international sites often fail to cater to their players’ needs adequately because they simply don’t understand them. Consultants may not be able to speak your language or, if they are, may have no insight into your unique needs as a New Zealander.

Then there’s the time zone issue. When Kiwis are up and about, much of the rest of the world is asleep. So you sometimes have to wait until the small hours of the morning to get in touch with customer support centres that are only open during office hours.

But you can leave all of these irritations behind right now. has scoured the Web and identified the very best NZD casinos that offer Kiwi-friendly customer care, consultants who speak your language, and, of course, NZ dollar deposits and withdrawals.

Here are just a few of the perks of playing at the fine NZD casinos recommended by

Exchange rates are so confusing because they are constantly fluctuating but you have to deal with them if you play at an online casino that doesn’t accept New Zealand dollars. As a result of this confusion, you may end up wagering more than intended to or winning less than you expected.

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Then there’s the expense involved in having your winnings converted back into your own currency before you can withdraw them.

NZD casinos do away with all of these issues because they allow you to wager and withdraw in NZ dollars – no exchange rates and no conversion fees.

Local NZD Casino Consultants

Many international casinos are based in faraway countries where gaming laws are a little less rigid. So they often hire locals to work as their customer care consultants – locals who are not necessarily fully fluent in the English language.

This can make it difficult if not impossible to accurately convey your needs and have them attended to.

NZD casinos, by contrast, are careful to appoint consultants who are native English speakers so there is never a language barrier keeping you from fully enjoying your NZD casinos experience.

NZ Casino Customer Care

In addition their being able to speak English, prospective customer care agents for NZD casinos often have to meet another requirement. They have to actually come from New Zealand themselves.

What better person to attend to your queries and concerns than one of your own countrymen? NZD casinos that take their players seriously employ customer care teams comprised primarily of New Zealanders who perfectly understand your needs.

These leading NZD casinos also offer 24/7 customer support via toll-free hotlines dedicated exclusively to players from New Zealand.

Best NZD Online Casinos

Although identifying NZD casinos is a major priority for us at, the aforementioned criteria are not all that we look for in an online casino.

In addition to being 100% Kiwi friendly, the NZD casinos we recommend offer huge jackpots, stellar security, generous welcome bonuses, and a wide selection of quality online pokies and table games.