Samsung Watch Pokies

The Samsung watch potentially adds a whole new level of access and pleasure to casino game play. Pokies reels can be spun whilst on the go, cooking or just spending time with friends. At the same time you can use your hands, without fear of dropping the gadget. Ever. No more cracked screens.

The Samsung watch is known as a smartwatch.

A touchscreen watch worn on the wrist. A technological marvel with vast computing power and equipped with a range of futuristic capabilities. It tells you the time at simply a glance, it makes cell phone calls, it can surf the internet, it runs a suite of mobile apps at lightning speed, and makes any sort of messaging effortless. A tiny, but hugely fashionable smartphone that is worn on the wrist so that it cannot be misplaced. The Samsung watch runs on the Android operating system.

Samsung Watch Compatibility

Some of the top smartwatches on the market today include the Samsung Gear 2, Pebble, and the Apple Watch. Smartwatches may still be a new technology generally, still with some early bugs, but their popularity is climbing precipitously. As can be anticipated, the first online casino game developers, almost inevitably led by Microgaming, despite the relatively new technology, have begun developing pokies that are Smart Watch compatible. Much of this development is being done in association with Samsung themselves.

Smartwatch Pokies Casino Access

The challenge that smartwatches and casino game manufacturers face is that the acceptable watch screen sizes are so much smaller than those on cell phones and tablets. In addition they need to be operated with only one hand.

One of the features of Samsung watches that make it particularly interesting to both the game developers and users is and hence Samsung watch pokies, is that it does not run via a connection to a smartphone, but rather contains its very own SIM card. This means that the Samsung watch connects to the internet by itself. This capacity for full connectivity means, essentially, that you, as a Samsung watch user, will have access to thousands of mobile apps and games. Online casinos are scrambling to re-design their sites and games to cater to this new smartwatch generation, and New Zealanders can be comfortable with the news that as this happens, the best in smartwatch casino games, like all online casino games, will be found at

Play Samsung Watch Pokies

The list of games available to Samsung watch wearers will keep increasing proportionately to the popularity of the device. Game developers are overcoming the screen and operating constraints with typical innovation and fortitude and a range of decent pokies games are already available. The games, casino or otherwise, are inevitably going to become ever more comprehensive, appealing and rewarding.

The number of apps and games already available on the Samsung watch is astonishing. Online Pokies aficionados can already happily play the classic Microgaming game, Thunderstruck, on their sexy Samsung watches. With smartwatches aiming to become ever more affordable in New Zealand and Australia, and attract ever greater numbers of users, you can bet that this market will be thoroughly serviced in terms of online casino game access and functionality. If Thunderstruck is anything to go by, these games may well have found their most addictive setting in being right on your wrist.