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In Chinese, Sic bo means ‘small big’. Turns out this is a perfectly apt description of a game that has become a true online casino staple. Known as a dice game with voluminous possible betting options, the odds in this captivating game are balanced delicately on the outcome of rolling three dice. New Zealanders are able to enjoy the incredible, white-knuckle thrills that Sic bo delivers simply by choosing their favourite online casino at, where the very best in online and mobile casinos have been screened for you.

Mobile players love Sic bo for its pure luck aspect and overall exceptional player odds. Whether playing online or on mobile, Sic bo requires no more than a minimal level of know-how to start winning. It is extremely simple to play and understand, guaranteed to keep anyone who has ever been fascinated by dice absolutely spellbound. With a similar attraction to many board games, Sic bo is for players who welcome the clarity and logic of pure chance. The complete game of Sic bo simply revolves around predicting the outcome of rolling three normal dice.

In Sic bo, there are certain fundamental and straightforward types of bet available. As can be realised, this game fully comes into its own in online format, and perhaps even more so on a mobile device, being so utterly suitable to the small screen. The full range of bets available during the game depend on specific version of the game you have chosen to play. The betting options we will discuss will be the ones found at all online Sic bo games. Most important in the betting range is the small big bet. Clearly the main bet placed during this game and the reason for the name itself, you wager on whether the total rolled by the dice adds up to less than 10 or to more than 11.

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Similarly, you could bet on the dice total being an odd or even number. These are simple, even money bets, and completely what one expects from a standard dice game.

Another wager that will always be available to players is betting on the combined sum of all the three dice. In addition you will be able to put money on a triple appearing. Triple numbers in Sic bo means the same number occurring on all three dice. These bets are obviously not even money, and the odds available vary as all dice games are wont to. However, mathematically, the average odds in Sic bo, and dice games generally, are reasonably good for the player.

Sic Bo Dice Odds

As you can imagine, the total number of bets available on the roll of three dice is virtually limitless, but in mobile Sic bo are beautifully laid out and clear. Apart from betting on a triple occurring, you can bet on the actual number comprising the triple, as well as any double turning up.

The odds on a triple are 24 to 1, whilst correctly predicting a double being rolled will yield an 8 to 1 reward.

At all Sic bo games you will find the opportunity to wager on the exact total thrown. Predicting this total correctly earns players a rather exciting 5 to 1 payout, and why this is proving the most common bet at mobile Sic bo.

An ancient dice game that has been rejuvenated by mobile technology, to the full benefit of a thankful online community, Sic Bo can be enjoyed at any of the casinos we recommend!